POM Clip - Grey + Black

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Product Specs:
  • Capacity – ½ fluid oz. unit with up to 20 (½ sec.) bursts or up to 10 seconds of continuous spray.  (7/8“ Diameter 3 ½“ Length)
  • Spray Pattern  Stream 
  • Range – Up to 12 feet 
  • Strength – POMClear  Formulation – 1.4 % major capsaicinoids (MC), 10% OC concentration, & 2M Scoville heat units (SHU)
  • Design – POM Patented Flip-Top Safety Design: prevents accidental misfire and leakage
  • Performance –  State of the Art Firing System – Floating actuator improves safety and performance
  • Expiration Date –  located on the bottom of the can or underneath the color indicator ring
  • State laws – with shipping restrictions - AK, DC, HI, MA & NY

About POM Clip:

Our pocket clip model is designed specifically for concealed every day carry situations. Ideal for those who carry tactical gear or those who want something to attach to their armband while running, this design goes well with any on the go lifestyle. POM Clip is strictly a pocket clip model. It does not attach to any key-chain or a quick key release.