White + Pink

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POM - Peace of Mind

Model: POM Clip
Ring: Pink
Strength: 10% O.C. (1.33% M.C.)
Specs: ½ oz can, 10 seconds, 20 bursts

Your active lifestyle deserves a product that moves with you. The POM clip was designed with physical activities in mind, featuring a built-in clip that hooks onto your armband, waistband, and more. The ½ oz. patented flip top case is lightweight enough to go with you wherever you go, while the non-toxic, all-natural formula packs a powerful punch. Choose the color that fits your personality, and take peace of mind wherever you go with this modern defense spray that’s unlike any other.


Shout out your inner energy and passion for life with a hot pink hue. This is a color that’s assertive, vibrant, and stimulating, and attracts others with its exciting spirit.