POM Pepper SprayPOM Pepper Spray

Next generation
pepper spray.

A discrete yet powerful personal defense tool.

POM Original

Available in black, white and gray + 10 color bands.

Available in black, white and gray + 10 color bands.

Available in black, white and gray + 10 color bands.

Choose from - Clip, Key or Snap

POM Clip and Key Bundle

Pepper Spray Spraying


Maximum Protection, Minimum Size

POM is the smallest 1/2 oz. personal carrying unit available in the market. All units are made with FDA approved Polymer, a plastic product that is free from lead, toxins, and harmful chemicals.


Flip-Top Technology

Patent Info


Modern Simplicity

Pocket-sized Pepper Spray
Pepper Spray Features
Strong Pepper Spray Formula
Strongest Legal Formula

POM Clear 1.40% Major Capsaicinoids

Custom color band for pepper spray
Patented Index Ring

with 10 color options made for personalization and finger placement

Premium Polymer Pepper Spray
Premium Grade

FDA Polymer Case

Flip Top Pepper Spray
Patented Flip-top Technology

Prevents Accidental Misfire

Firing system for Pepper Spray
Patented firing system

With floating actuator for optimal performance

10 Seconds Continuous Spray
10 seconds of continuous spray

Up to 20+ half second bursts

Attach pepper spray keychain, bag, backpack
Patented ambidextrous pocket clip

Easily clips to any pocket, backpackor handbag

What our customers are saying:

Love this pepper spray!

So much more sleek and way less bulky than traditional pepper sprays I have seen. Looks exactly like the photo!

Brand I trust, well made, powerful, great safety and non lethal tool.

I have now purchased these for myself, wife, niece, neighbors, friends and family members! I have all different colors and clip types so the options are great and found a personal one for each person I gifted one to.

On my every day carry list!

I have no problems betting on these, it's on my EDC (every day carry) list. They rock! Comfortable to carry, most effective dose of spray, quick and reliable to deploy, easy and intuitive to use (especially in a hurry and under stress), discrete to conceal, all around a great bit of self-defense.

I really love the design of this pepper spray with the flip up safety!

I bought it for my girlfriend and she loves it as well because how easy it is to use! I’ve also done a lot of research and seen it is one of the best pepper sprays on the market!